Worker Walkouts: Are You Covered By Your Insurance?

Running a Dallas, TX, business can be callous, especially when you face an unexpected walkout. At Presley Insurance Group, we can help you through this process with a commercial insurance policy that should protect you in this scenario and keep your firm open as long as possible.

How Your Insurance May Help 

Commercial insurance is designed to protect you from any number of serious problems. For example, it’s particularly useful for walkouts and other interruptions and can keep you going when you can’t operate. It’s important to understand the many ways that it helps you with:

  • Business Interruption Coverage: Commercial policies provide a business interruption rider that helps you stay open when your business is interrupted for any reason, such as walkouts.
  • Lost Wages Protection: You can’t make much money when your employees walk out, and your commercial policy should protect you against lost wages and earnings.
  • Closure Insurance: When you close your business after a walkout, a solid commercial insurance policy can help keep you safe and avoid permanent closure.
  • Employee Support: If you get your employees to return to your facility, consider expanding your commercial insurance to provide them with more benefits to prevent another walkout.

It’s critical to look at your policy and see if it contains all of this protection. If, for any reason, it does not, it’s important to upgrade it before a walkout occurs. You don’t want to get caught unaware and end up with serious operating costs you can’t afford.

Let Us Know If You Need Help

Our team at Presley Insurance Group can help Dallas, TX, businesses understand their protection when employees walk out. We’ll do what we can to keep you open and operational and strive to reduce the impact that this frustrating situation has on you.