Short-Term Rentals and Renters Insurance: Navigating Coverage Gaps and Liability Issues

Distinguishing Car Insurance and Motorcycle Insurance

As a new motorcycle owner in Albany, OR, you might believe your auto insurance coverage extends to your motorcycle. However, a motorcycle requires a separate insurance policy, even though there are numerous similarities between the two policies. The Allen & Associates Insurance Inc. team can help clarify these differences and assist you in finding the coverage that suits your needs.

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance Costs

Although the number of companies offering motorcycle insurance may be fewer, the policies you do find are typically less expensive than auto insurance. As motorcyclists cannot ride in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or icy conditions, the probability of damage is considerably lower. Motorcycles are also less likely to cause significant damage to property and other vehicles in accidents. Therefore, the costs associated with comprehensive and collision coverage are usually lower. However, owners of high-end motorcycles may end up paying higher premiums due to the cost of their bikes.

Additional Coverage Considerations

Considering that motorcycles are unique vehicles, they are accompanied by special considerations that may not apply to cars. For instance, motorcycle riders and their passengers are more susceptible to severe injuries due to the lack of a protective shell found in vehicles. Therefore, having sufficient medical coverage for such potential injuries becomes vital. You should consider getting guest passenger liability coverage if you frequently have passengers. Additionally, if your bike is laden with expensive accessories, it is advisable to have provisions to cover those.

Get Tailored Motorcycle Insurance

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Backing up Your Renter’s Insurance Claim

Renter’s insurance is intended to cover your losses or damages when you aren’t the owner of the property where you live. Your possessions could be subject to theft, water damage, fire damage, and more. Since there is much less control when you’re a renter, it makes good sense to get renter’s insurance from an agency such as Presley Insurance Group serving the Dallas, TX metroplex.

Back up any renter’s claim you may have with the following pro tips:

Make an Inventory

After you’ve settled into your new rental unit, document all your possessions. If anything is stolen or damaged, you may need to prove that you owned them in the first place. The easiest way to do this is to simply walk around your place, making a video with your phone. Be sure to film things that are stored, like sports equipment, expensive clothing, jewelry, etc.

File Receipts

The second thing you’ll have to show to an insurance company is the value of the item that was lost or damaged. You can do this by showing your purchase receipt. Whenever you buy something tangible, like an asset, keep the receipt or a photo of the receipt and file it on your phone or computer.

Make a Police Report

In cases of theft, be sure to file a police report. This report helps to validate your renter’s insurance claim and makes it more likely your claim will be approved.

We Are Here To Help

Backing up your claim with these tips will help to ensure that you’ll be compensated for a fair amount in case of damage or loss. At Presley Insurance Group serving Dallas, TX, your renter’s insurance claim will be given top priority. Contact us to arrange for a new policy or for any questions related to the renter’s insurance.

Why Renters Insurance is a Must Have for Texas Renters

Many Texas residents who rent apartments or rental homes make the mistake of thinking that their landlords will cover or replace their personal property in the case of an unexpected event like fire or theft. 

Why Texas Renters’ Insurance is a Must Have

Renters insurance covers Dallas TX, area renters for furniture, clothing, electronics, and other personal belongings specified by your policy. Some policies can even include provisions that protect renters from liability when visitors are injured on their property. 

Renter’s insurance provides financial peace of mind and security at a relatively low price. Contact the experienced insurance professionals at Presley Insurance Group to learn more! 

Renter’s Insurance is Affordable

When you compare the monthly or annual costs for renters’ insurance to auto or home insurance, you’ll notice a significant difference in the costs. This is because insurance to protect your valuables is affordable and much less expensive than other forms of insurance. 

Renters Insurance Protects Your Peace of Mind

Most people who buy renters’ insurance do so because it gives them financial protection and peace of mind. In addition, rental insurance policyholders rest easy when they know their personal property and favorite devices can be replaced in the case of theft, fire, or damage. 

Your Landlord May Require It

Your landlord may require their tenants to have renters insurance as a provision of your lease. In fact, many Texas-area landlords will only finalize a lease once they know their tenants have adequate insurance to protect their belongings from unexpected mishaps. 

Get Renters Insurance in Dallas

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Our experienced insurance agents can answer your renter’s insurance questions and help you choose the best renters’ insurance policy to protect your favorite things. 

What are The Common Renters Insurance Exclusions?

Although your landlord may not require renters insurance, it’s still a good idea to invest in this coverage. Renters insurance covers your personal assets and protects you from liability claims. And that’s not all. Renters insurance covers additional living expenses when your rented dwelling is rendered unlivable.

While renter’s insurance protects many areas of your life, it has limitations. As highlighted by Presley Insurance Group in Dallas, TX, renters insurance won’t cover you in the instances below.

Renters Insurance Exclusions

Flood damage

Like home insurance, renters insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. Luckily, you can purchase a separate flood insurance policy to protect your valuables. You can purchase flood insurance from the NFIP or private carriers. Whatever the source, renters insurance covers your assets to ensure you don’t start from scratch when damage occurs.


Like flooding, earthquakes are likely to cause damage to several buildings, which can be expensive for insurance companies. And since these natural disasters are common in specific areas, insurance companies often don’t lump them with standard risks to make insurance affordable. The good thing is that you can purchase earthquake insurance to boost your renters insurance.

High-end jewelry

Your renters insurance will likely offer limited coverage for your high-priced valuables. In fact, most renters insurance policies only offer about $2,500 worth of coverage for your jewelry. That said, it’s essential to boost your renters insurance by purchasing special coverage to safeguard your valuables.

It doesn’t cover people living with you

Unless they are included in your policy, renters insurance won’t cover your roommates. While some insurance companies permit shared policies, it’s good for your roommates to purchase separate coverage to avoid disputes after a catastrophe.

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What does the liability portion of your renters’ insurance cover?

Your renter’s insurance from Presley Insurance Group covers far more than just your personal property in your Dallas, TX home. Every renter’s insurance policy also includes liability coverage.

You might think that your landlord or apartment building already carries liability insurance, and it probably does, but it doesn’t cover your liability. The two policies work together to fully protect the property.

Your Landlord’s Liability Coverage

Your landlord’s home policy covers liability for the yard or courtyard and everything leading up to the entrance to the building. It also covers other public areas, such as a swimming pool or sauna shared with other tenants. It does not cover what happens inside your apartment or dwelling. If you have a private porch, balcony, or courtyard, it also does not cover what occurs there.

Your Liability Coverage

That’s where your renter’s insurance enters the picture. It contains your liability coverage. Your liability coverage ensures that if an accident occurs inside your apartment or dwelling, the insurance pays for the injured party’s medical costs. It also covers settlement costs up to the amount named in the renters’ policy.

That means if your friend slips in your shower, for example, and breaks their arm, your liability insurance covers the medical treatment cost. If your friend slips on ice coming up the stairs to enter your building though, that gets covered under your landlord’s policy.

Protect Your Financial Security

Contact Presley Insurance Group serving Dallas TX, today for more information on renters insurance. Let us help you protect your financial security. Avoid having to pay for someone’s medical bills or a court settlement by carrying the appropriate insurance.

Why do tenants need renters insurance in Dallas?

The Dallas, TX area can be a very fun place to live. Those that are in this area will find there are many professional opportunities and recreational amenities to enjoy. If you are moving to this area of Texas, renting your home can be a good idea. If you do decide to rent your home here, you also need to consider your insurance needs. Renters insurance is needed here for a few reasons. 

Insurance Could be Lease Obligation

A reason that you will need to have renters insurance here is that it could be a lease obligation. Landlords are aware of the valuable protection that it can provide a tenant. This can then indirectly provide security to a landlord as well. Due to this, many landlords will require that you carry a full insurance plan at all times. They may even require that you provide evidence of the coverage before the lease term begins. 

Coverage is Needed to Protect Tenant

There are situations when a landlord will not require insurance. However, it is still a good idea to get a full insurance plan. When you are looking for a plan here, you will find that it can cover any of your personal assets and give you liability support. These forms of insurance could prove to be very helpful and save you a lot of money if an accident occurs. 

Renting a home can be a great idea for those in the Dallas, TX area. When you are looking to rent a home here, you need to pick the right insurance. As you’re looking for a home to rent here, speaking with Presley Insurance Group about your insurance needs would be a good idea. The team with Presley Insurance Group can help you assess your needs and options and build a new plan. 

5 Important Facts About Renters Insurance

Presley Insurance Group provides coverage to the Dallas, TX community. Our primary goal is to make sure that our clients find the policies they need to protect their assets. We offer flexible coverage options to make things as convenient as possible for our clients. We also have working relationships with multiple carriers throughout Texas.

Important Facts About Renters Insurance

Renters insurance protects all of your personal items inside the property. You are covered if any of your possessions are stolen or vandalized. Liability coverage protects you if someone is injured while visiting your property. Here is a look at some important facts regarding renters insurance.

The Policy Covers Your Possessions Outside The Unit

Renters insurance can cover your personal items when you take them away from the unit. You can amend your policy so that you are covered if your items are stolen out of your car, or something happens while you’re on vacation. It’s a good idea to take inventory of your items to have a clear idea of how much everything is worth.

Luxury Items

If you have a valuable painting in your rental property, renters insurance covers it. However, you’ll likely need to add extra coverage to protect the item if it is damaged fully.

Alternative Lodging

If your rental property suffers severe damage, you can amend your policy to cover you while you seek alternative lodging in Dallas, TX until your property is repaired.

Liability Coverage Applies To Your Loved Ones

Your liability coverage can protect you if your pet causes damage to someone else’s property.

Interior Coverage

Renters insurance covers any damage to the interior of your unit. You are protected if something happens to the carpet or walls.

Presley Insurance Group Will Help You Find The Coverage You Need

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Can My Landlord Require That I Buy Renter’s Insurance?

Do you rent an apartment or home? Many tenants ask us whether it is legal for their property management company to require them to buy renter’s insurance. The answer is both yes and no. Here’s what you need to know.

Renter’s Insurance is Not Legally Required in Texas

Unlike auto insurance, the government doesn’t care if you have renter’s insurance. Thus, it is not legally required. But just because it isn’t something you have to carry doesn’t mean that it isn’t helpful. If your rented apartment or home is ever broken into or involved in a fire or storm, you’ll want to make sure you have it to help pay to replace your stuff and pay for a temporary place to stay.

Your Landlord Can Still Require Renter’s Insurance

The caveat to this is that your landlord can still require you to have renter’s insurance. How so? This is usually written into your lease contract and states that they can evict you if you don’t have this coverage. By taking this route, they can ensure you have a policy, even though you aren’t required by law.

Purchase Renter’s Insurance at Presley Insurance Services

Fortunately, buying renter’s insurance is easy. Our team is here to help you find the right policy that meets your needs and budget. Most policies only cost a few dollars per month, which could even be offset by a potential discount on your auto insurance. For most people, this allows the ability to have two types of coverage for right around the same monthly rate, but certain conditions apply.

Are you ready to learn more about purchasing renter’s insurance in Denton or Dallas, TX? Please contact our team at Presley Insurance Group in Dallas, TX  for more information or receive a no-obligation quote.