Short-Term Rentals and Renters Insurance: Navigating Coverage Gaps and Liability Issues

Distinguishing Car Insurance and Motorcycle Insurance

As a new motorcycle owner in Albany, OR, you might believe your auto insurance coverage extends to your motorcycle. However, a motorcycle requires a separate insurance policy, even though there are numerous similarities between the two policies. The Allen & Associates Insurance Inc. team can help clarify these differences and assist you in finding the coverage that suits your needs.

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance Costs

Although the number of companies offering motorcycle insurance may be fewer, the policies you do find are typically less expensive than auto insurance. As motorcyclists cannot ride in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or icy conditions, the probability of damage is considerably lower. Motorcycles are also less likely to cause significant damage to property and other vehicles in accidents. Therefore, the costs associated with comprehensive and collision coverage are usually lower. However, owners of high-end motorcycles may end up paying higher premiums due to the cost of their bikes.

Additional Coverage Considerations

Considering that motorcycles are unique vehicles, they are accompanied by special considerations that may not apply to cars. For instance, motorcycle riders and their passengers are more susceptible to severe injuries due to the lack of a protective shell found in vehicles. Therefore, having sufficient medical coverage for such potential injuries becomes vital. You should consider getting guest passenger liability coverage if you frequently have passengers. Additionally, if your bike is laden with expensive accessories, it is advisable to have provisions to cover those.

Get Tailored Motorcycle Insurance

To get motorcycle insurance that meets your exact needs, contact the professionals at Allen & Associates Insurance Inc., located in Albany, OR. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.