Updates and Renovations: Impact on Condo Insurance

Understanding Implications of Condo Renovations on Your Insurance in Dallas, TX

Are you in the process of updating or renovating your condo and uncertain about how this will affect your insurance? At Presley Insurance Group, serving Dallas, TX, and the surrounding neighborhoods, we understand this can be exciting and overwhelming. Such changes can significantly affect your property, emphasizing the importance of considering the potential long-term effects on your insurance coverage.

Navigating Insurance Adjustments After Renovations

Updating parts of your condo, such as the kitchen and bathroom, or expanding your space to enhance its feel may increase your property’s value. In turn, checking how this will impact your insurance coverage becomes vital. When filing another claim, you don’t want unexpected surprises that could lead to financial issues or complications.

Busting Common Misconceptions and Oversights

As condo owners, it’s easy to assume that your association will cover certain renovations. However, usually, the association only covers the exterior and common areas. The responsibility for the interior of your condo rests with the condo owner. Avoiding surprising revelations requires crucial groundwork on your part, such as meticulously checking your insurance when planning condo updates or renovations.

Ready to Update Your Policy?

Whether you’ve recently renovated your condo or plan to, let Presley Insurance Group assist you in tailoring your insurance to match your revamped living space. Serving Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas, we’re dedicated to providing the information and support you need to make informed insurance decisions. Contact us today to review your current policy and ensure your home is fully protected.