Why do I need auto insurance in Texas?

Dallas, TX is one of the largest cities and metro areas in the country. While there are some places in the area where tasks can be completed on foot, most people in the area need to use a vehicle. If you are going to purchase a vehicle here, it is vital that you get auto insurance. There are several reasons why you will need this insurance coverage here. 

Insurance is Needed to Comply with Loan Agreement

One reason why you need to have auto insurance is that it is required under your loan agreement. When you purchase a car in Texas, there is a good chance that you will need to take out a loan. If you do have an auto loan, you need to ensure that you stay in compliance at all times. One of the best ways that you can do this is by getting an auto insurance policy. With a full policy, you will have the collision and comprehensive insurance coverage that your lender demands. 

Required by State

Another reason to get an auto insurance policy in the Dallas, TX area is that it is required by the state. Drivers in Texas are generally going to be safe when they are behind the wheel. However, accidents do happen from time to time. If you cause an accident, you will have to pay for damages. To ensure that all drivers are able to cover these damages, the state requires that all people have a liability auto insurance policy at all times.

Picking an auto insurance policy in the Dallas, TX area is always a big decision. When you are looking for a policy, you should call the Presley Insurance Group. The team at Presley Insurance Group can answer any questions that you have about your auto insurance needs.