Things to consider when choosing your home insurance coverage

Home insurance is not a single type of coverage. There are several components, and they all have things that need to be considered. Every homeowner has different needs, and every home policy needs to fit that homeowner. At Presley Insurance Group in Dallas, TX, we have developed a market with over 100 carriers. We aim to retain our customers by getting to know them and making sure we tailor their insurance to their unique needs. 

How much liability insurance you need

Liability protection is a vital part of home insurance coverage. If you have considerable assets, you need considerable liability coverage. Suing has become a national pastime, and 10% of all people will be sued every year, 30% will be sued at least once in their lifetime. If your number comes up, you need to have enough liability coverage to protect yourself. A basic home policy won’t have enough coverage unless your assets are pretty basic. 

What riders might you need to add

While home insurance covers many things, it does have limits and exclusions. You get can around these with a rider to your policy. 

  • Jewelry– If you have some expensive jewelry pieces, you may have already surpassed the limit on your home insurance.
  • Sewer backup– This is not covered on a typical home policy. If it worries you, add a rider. 
  • Hurricane– If you live in a state where hurricanes are dangerous, checking that you have hurricane coverage is important. 

How your home is valued

Make sure the figure your home is valued at will actually allow you to replace it if it is a complete loss. Do some research and discuss the square footage and improvements with your agent. Three out of five homeowners are underinsured. 

When you are in the market for home insurance, contact Presley Insurance Group in Dallas, TX.