Condo Insurance in Texas

Presley Insurance Group’s Condo Insurance

Presley Insurance Group knows that condo ownership in Texas is different than conventional homeownership. Thus, it requires expertise in condo insurance coverage. Some elements of condo life are covered by the broader community, as a whole, and may be paid for with HOA (Homeowners Association) fees; these features are communal elements insured against loss or liability, such as the exterior of the building, landscape, or driveways. However, some other damages and losses are not covered and that homeowners of condos need to consider and insure accordingly.

Condo Insurance Coverage

Condo insurance is a policy that is purchased by the owner of a condo unit that typically helps pay and cover repairs and belongings if they are damaged or stolen in certain circumstances. Some of these situations include fire, theft, and vandalism.

Some examples of what a typical condo insurance policy will cover are:

  • The unit itself including fixtures and walls.
  • The personal property of the unit owner, such as electronics.
  • Furniture and personal effects.
  • Legal costs of claims against you.
  • Cost of accommodations and transportation if the condo unit is unlivable due to a covered peril.

Condo owners may want to add coverage for flooding, as most standard condo insurance policies do not include these catastrophes. Depending on where you live, this may be a prudent option for additional hazard or peril coverage. Speak with us at Presley Insurance Group in Dallas, TX to ensure your condo is adequately protected.

All-In Coverage

Ask your agent or representative about all-in condo coverage policies that provide a greater level of insurance protection for condo owners. These types of policies typically cover elements that might be overlooked and are often covered under a condo community’s master all-in insurance policy; ask!

Do you need condo insurance? Call us today at Presley Insurance Group in Dallas, TX, and speak with our representatives, without commitment or obligation. Our agents are ready to help you get started and prepared.