Renters Insurance in Texas

When you rent an apartment or home in Texas, everything you own, ranging from furniture to clothing, is not covered by the landlord's insurance policy. We at Presley Insurance group, an insurance agency in Dallas, TX, can help you get the right kind of coverage that meets your specific needs and can help you protect your valued possessions.

Protect Your Personal Property When Renting

When you rent, your personal property is not protected against loss of any kind. The landlord’s property insurance only covers the structure and its infrastructure. If your property is damaged through the negligence of others or stolen in a burglary, the building insurance does not cover the replacement of your items. You have to protect your property with a renter’s insurance policy if you want to guarantee the replacement of anything lost to an adverse event in your dwelling.

How Renters Insurance Helps You After a Disaster

A typical renters insurance policy offers three kinds of coverage. They include:

  • Personal property replacement or repair of your items after a loss. May also cover your personal property when traveling.
  • Loss of use pays for living expenses if you have to live elsewhere because your dwelling is uninhabitable. A policy may also cover rental costs, food, and other costs that may be incurred while you are unable to stay in your home.
  • Personal liability coverage covers medical costs for someone who was hurt in your dwelling and pays for legal fees if the injured party sues you.

Renters insurance offers comprehensive coverage to protect you and your belongings after a catastrophic event.

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