Are Grass Clippings A Road Hazard for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle owners in Dallas, TX are aware of common road hazards that they may face when they go for a ride. Others, however, may not understand how specific road conditions can cause a motorcyclist to lose control and crash. Grass clippings and other lawn debris that is blown onto the road by homeowners mowing their yard can spell disaster for an inexperienced motorcyclist.

Grass Clippings and Lawn Debris

Fresh glass clippings can be too slippery once they land on the asphalt surface of a road. The moisture of the grass and the heat from the asphalt create a slippery surface that will cause motorcycle tires to slip or slide. Unless the motorcyclist understands how to compensate for these changes to the surface of the road, they may lose traction and the ability to control the bike adequately. These types of accidents are preventable, and many states have already passed laws concerning homeowners who blow their lawn debris into the roadways making the act illegal.

Changes in Road Conditions

Many other road conditions should also be noted. Most motorcyclists know to avoid dirt roads. Roads that have been "chipped and sealed" may also contain loose gravel that makes it hard to control the bike. The same is true for tar snakes and other improvements that are made to the roadways. While these are part of regular road conditions, it’s up to the motorcyclist to learn to navigate them. 

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