Four reasons why you might want to make some changes to your auto insurance coverage

Motorists need to realize that their auto insurance needs may change over time. At Presley Insurance Group, we can help motorists in Dallas, TX, to find an auto insurance solution that’s just right for their situation.

Here are four reasons why you might want to make some changes to your auto insurance policy. 

You’ve bought a new vehicle.

Your auto insurance policy is customized for your vehicle. If you add a new vehicle to your policy or you replace your vehicle, your auto insurance policy will need to be adjusted accordingly. Ensure you contact your auto insurance company whenever you acquire a new vehicle to insure. 

You need to add another driver to your policy.

You might need to add another driver to your policy if your child becomes a licensed driver or your spouse uses your vehicle frequently. You can’t assume that your policy will cover your vehicle if an individual is driving your vehicle who isn’t listed on your policy. 

You’ve moved to a different state.

Different states have different auto insurance requirements that motorists need to meet. This means switching to a new auto insurance policy is necessary if you relocate to another state. 

You’ve had your vehicle modified.

Modifications to your vehicle could make it so that your vehicle’s value is significantly increased. In this case, you’ll want to increase your auto insurance policy coverage so that your vehicle is covered for its full value. 

We’re here to assist you when adjusting your auto insurance coverage in Dallas, TX. Call us today at Presley Insurance Group for a quote on a policy.