A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that more than 1800 motorists got severe injuries in 2019. Motorcycles, just like vehicles, are prone to accidents that can lead to significant losses. If you’re a motorcyclist in Dallas, TX, consider visiting Presley Insurance Group for your motorcycle insurance needs. 

You’ll know more about the policy and understand which option suits you best. Here is a guide to motorcycle insurance to give you more insights into the policy. 

Requirements for Motorcycle Insurance 

States often require motorcyclists to have liability insurance. This kind of insurance pays for damages or injuries that you cause. It would be best to get an insurance policy that’s more than the minimum requirement in Texas for maximum protection. 

Coverage Options for Motorcycle Insurance 

Motorcycle insurance has almost similar options to auto insurance. Other than the liability and the uninsured motorist coverage that you must have, there are other options to consider:


This coverage pays for damages to your motorcycle, which is usually minus the deductibles. With the prevalence of motorcycle crashes, you might want to obtain this coverage.


The comprehensive coverage comes in when your motorcycle sustains damages from other accidents besides a collision. It further compensates for stolen motorcycles. 

Personal Injury Protection

This cover pays for medical bills that you suffer from in a motorcycle accident. The insurance covers your passengers and pedestrians who sustain injuries. You can get in touch with Presley Insurance Group to learn more about what this insurance entails. 

Motorcycle insurance has other add-on options that you may want. These add-ons include:

  • Roadside assistance 
  • Trip interruption options
  • Insurance for custom parts, accessories, and equipment 

If you are a motorcyclist in Dallas, TX, Presley Insurance Group is your motorcycle’s ideal insurance partner. Our professional agents will guide you through the options and help you make choices. Contact us today to enjoy our vast range of insurance available for you.