What are The Common Renters Insurance Exclusions?

Although your landlord may not require renters insurance, it’s still a good idea to invest in this coverage. Renters insurance covers your personal assets and protects you from liability claims. And that’s not all. Renters insurance covers additional living expenses when your rented dwelling is rendered unlivable.

While renter’s insurance protects many areas of your life, it has limitations. As highlighted by Presley Insurance Group in Dallas, TX, renters insurance won’t cover you in the instances below.

Renters Insurance Exclusions

Flood damage

Like home insurance, renters insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. Luckily, you can purchase a separate flood insurance policy to protect your valuables. You can purchase flood insurance from the NFIP or private carriers. Whatever the source, renters insurance covers your assets to ensure you don’t start from scratch when damage occurs.


Like flooding, earthquakes are likely to cause damage to several buildings, which can be expensive for insurance companies. And since these natural disasters are common in specific areas, insurance companies often don’t lump them with standard risks to make insurance affordable. The good thing is that you can purchase earthquake insurance to boost your renters insurance.

High-end jewelry

Your renters insurance will likely offer limited coverage for your high-priced valuables. In fact, most renters insurance policies only offer about $2,500 worth of coverage for your jewelry. That said, it’s essential to boost your renters insurance by purchasing special coverage to safeguard your valuables.

It doesn’t cover people living with you

Unless they are included in your policy, renters insurance won’t cover your roommates. While some insurance companies permit shared policies, it’s good for your roommates to purchase separate coverage to avoid disputes after a catastrophe.

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