Worker Walkouts: Are You Covered By Your Insurance?

Running a Dallas, TX, business can be callous, especially when you face an unexpected walkout. At Presley Insurance Group, we can help you through this process with a commercial insurance policy that should protect you in this scenario and keep your firm open as long as possible.

How Your Insurance May Help 

Commercial insurance is designed to protect you from any number of serious problems. For example, it’s particularly useful for walkouts and other interruptions and can keep you going when you can’t operate. It’s important to understand the many ways that it helps you with:

  • Business Interruption Coverage: Commercial policies provide a business interruption rider that helps you stay open when your business is interrupted for any reason, such as walkouts.
  • Lost Wages Protection: You can’t make much money when your employees walk out, and your commercial policy should protect you against lost wages and earnings.
  • Closure Insurance: When you close your business after a walkout, a solid commercial insurance policy can help keep you safe and avoid permanent closure.
  • Employee Support: If you get your employees to return to your facility, consider expanding your commercial insurance to provide them with more benefits to prevent another walkout.

It’s critical to look at your policy and see if it contains all of this protection. If, for any reason, it does not, it’s important to upgrade it before a walkout occurs. You don’t want to get caught unaware and end up with serious operating costs you can’t afford.

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Our team at Presley Insurance Group can help Dallas, TX, businesses understand their protection when employees walk out. We’ll do what we can to keep you open and operational and strive to reduce the impact that this frustrating situation has on you.

Three problems you may face if you don’t have commercial insurance

If you own a business, you need to get commercial insurance for your company. Presley Insurance Group insures businesses in Dallas, TX. We’re here to assist you if you need information on commercial insurance.

You’ll avoid a lot of problems by carrying insurance.

The following are three problems you may face if you don’t have commercial insurance:

Lost revenues if you face a business interruption

Business interruption coverage is one of the numerous types of coverage that commercial insurance often includes. This type of coverage will compensate you for lost revenues you face if your business operations are interrupted by an event such as a natural disaster or an accident at your facilities. 

Difficulties with expanding your business

It can be challenging to grow a company without commercial insurance. For one thing, you might find it more difficult to get business funding without insurance. That’s because lenders often won’t loan capital to companies that aren’t insured. 

With commercial insurance, you’ll find it easier to get a business loan when you need one. 

Costly legal fees

Any company could face a lawsuit that makes it so that they need legal representation. You could face expensive legal fees if your company is sued.

Commercial liability coverage is one of the most basic types of coverage that commercial insurance policies include. Liability coverage allows you to file a claim if your company is sued. Your insurance provider will then cover the costs you face as you mount a legal defense and defend yourself against the lawsuit in question. 

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Make your job easier and less stressful with commercial insurance in Dallas, TX. Do you need a quote on an insurance policy for your company? At Presley Insurance Group, we’re happy to help you research your commercial insurance options. 

Is commercial insurance required if you don’t have employees?

As a business owner in Dallas, TX, you may have heard that commercial insurance is essential. But what if you don’t have any employees? Do you still need to purchase commercial insurance? Presley Insurance Group is happy to assist with what commercial insurance covers and whether it’s necessary for businesses without employees. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?  

Commercial insurance typically covers property damage, legal liability, and workers’ compensation. Property damage coverage helps protect against losses related to physical property, such as inventory, furniture, or fixtures. Liability coverage helps protect against legal costs associated with injuries or damages caused by the business or its products and services. And workers’ compensation helps cover medical bills and lost wages if an employee is injured while on the job. 

Is Commercial Insurance Necessary for Businesses Without Employees? 

Even if you don’t have any employees, there are still risks associated with running a business that can be mitigated with commercial insurance policies. For example, general liability coverage protects against accidents that involve customers on your premises or injuries caused by products sold by your company.

It also offers protection against libel and slander allegations leveled against your business. Additionally, property damage coverage can help protect your business from unforeseen events like theft or vandalism. Finally, professional liability coverage can protect you from negligence claims arising from providing professional services to customers or clients.  

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Even if you don’t have any employees, it’s important to consider purchasing commercial insurance for your Dallas, TX business. Commercial insurance policies offer protection from a wide range of risks, including property damage, legal liability, and professional negligence claims.Talk to Presley Insurance Group today about the best type of coverage for your particular situation!

Required Commercial Insurance in Texas

When you own a business in Texas, there is certain commercial insurance that you may need. The types of insurance that you should have for your business depend a lot on the type of business you run. In Texas, there is only one type of commercial insurance that is required by law, but there are many others that you should have to protect yourself and your business. If you need commercial insurance, contact us at Presley Insurance Group in Dallas, TX.

Commercial Auto Insurance

When your Texas business owns a vehicle, that vehicle has to be covered by a commercial auto policy. This coverage protects your business by paying for accidents that happen with your work vehicle and are caused by its driver. When this happens, medical bills may be due as well as costs for vehicle repairs to the other vehicle. These policies must have at least a specific amount of coverage for one person for bodily injury liability. Another amount is required for all of the people who were injured in the accident. In addition, there is a specific minimum amount required for property damage liability. You can always add to the minimums of this coverage so that you have better protection in case of a serious accident. 

If you have a vehicle that is used for business reasons, but the company doesn’t own it, you aren’t required to have a commercial policy. However, your personal auto insurance may not pay for an accident that happens when you’re doing work for your business. It’s generally recommended that you get a type of policy called hired and non-owned. This can keep you protected when you are taking care of business tasks. 

Get Your Commercial Insurance

When you are a business owner, there are many types of optional commercial insurance you can get, including cyber insurance, general liability insurance, etc. If you want to know more about these policies, call us at Presley Insurance Group in Dallas, TX.

Top benefits of comprehensive commercial policies in TX

Primary commercial policies are a great place to start when it comes to protecting your business, but they may prove inadequate for your company’s long-term needs. Presley Insurance Group is here to help Dallas, TX area firms review their insurance needs and determine the right policy type and coverage level to protect their commercial interests. 

Top benefits of comprehensive commercial policies

A primary policy is often what companies choose when they are first getting off the ground. As a company grows and evolves, its insurance needs may also change. There are many comprehensive coverage options that may not be necessary as a firm gets started but becomes needed later down the road.

Some examples are inventory, equipment, and a commercial vehicle fleet. At the start of the company, a primary policy may be adequate because the company’s holdings are limited. As more time and money is invested in the business, it is often the case that insurance needs also increase. 

It is advisable to review a commercial policy on a yearly basis to ensure that it will provide adequate protection should a covered event occur. Unfortunately, many commercial entities simply renew their policies year after year without a review. Why not review your policy today and ensure that your company has the protection it needs?

Interested in learning more about comprehensive commercial coverage for your Dallas, TX business?

Presley Insurance Group is here to help you secure the right policy for your complete insurance needs. Please give us a call today to schedule a consultation with one of our informed and helpful agents. We look forward to working with you!

Why Texas Business Owners Should Add Cyber Coverage To Their Commercial Insurance Policies

Presley Insurance Group is an independent agency. We view all of our clients like family. Establishing that connection with our clients helps us ensure that all of their needs are covered. We offer multiple types of coverage to the Dallas, TX community. We look forward to serving you and helping you find the coverage you need to protect what matters most.

Why Texas Business Owners Should Add Cyber Coverage To Their Commercial Insurance Policies

The Dallas, TX economy thrives due to growing businesses. However, this also means that the marketplace is very competitive. As a business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to stand out from others in your chosen industry. Commercial insurance is important because it protects your business if an emergency arises. The foundation of your policy is liability protection. Your business is covered if you are held responsible for accidentally causing harm to someone or damaging someone’s property. Liability coverage helps ensure that you will not lose your business because of an accident. Commercial insurance also covers your business if your inventory and equipment are stolen or damaged.

In this current age of technology, many businesses are using digital processes to operate their business. That comes with a lot of risk, as hackers are constantly looking for ways to infiltrate sensitive data. Cyber coverage protects your business if you are the victim of a security breach. Without cyber coverage, you would be held liable if a hacker gains access to your customer’s or employees’ bank account information or Social Security Numbers. This could be seen by many as a breach of trust, possibly damaging the reputation of your business moving forward. Cyber coverage could prevent you from losing your business.  

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Do Dallas businesses always need commercial insurance?

The Dallas, TX area is one of the country’s largest cities and is also continuing to grow quickly. Due to this, Dallas continues to be a great place to start and run a company. If you are going to start a company in this area of Texas, you will want to ensure that it is as well protected as possible. A great way that you can do this is with insurance. There are several reasons companies here need to have commercial insurance.

Insurance Protects Company

The main advantage of getting commercial insurance when you are here is that it can protect your company. A Dallas business will own a lot of different assets that are vital for the company’s future success. With commercial insurance, you can have coverage used to repair or replace these assets in the event of a loss. A commercial insurance policy will also provide liability risk coverage, which could keep you solvent if you are found liable for another’s losses.

Insurance is Often Required

A business in Texas often also needs to have commercial insurance because it is a requirement. Those in this state may need to take out a loan, raise capital, or even lease a business place. In any of these scenarios, there are bound to be commercial insurance requirements that state you need to carry ample coverage at all times.

Dallas, TX business owners need to make sure that they maintain proper commercial insurance coverage at all times. If you are in the market for a new commercial insurance policy, you should speak with the Presley Insurance Group team. The Presley Insurance Group’s insurance team can help guide your decision and answer any questions you have.