Backing up Your Renter’s Insurance Claim

Renter’s insurance is intended to cover your losses or damages when you aren’t the owner of the property where you live. Your possessions could be subject to theft, water damage, fire damage, and more. Since there is much less control when you’re a renter, it makes good sense to get renter’s insurance from an agency such as Presley Insurance Group serving the Dallas, TX metroplex.

Back up any renter’s claim you may have with the following pro tips:

Make an Inventory

After you’ve settled into your new rental unit, document all your possessions. If anything is stolen or damaged, you may need to prove that you owned them in the first place. The easiest way to do this is to simply walk around your place, making a video with your phone. Be sure to film things that are stored, like sports equipment, expensive clothing, jewelry, etc.

File Receipts

The second thing you’ll have to show to an insurance company is the value of the item that was lost or damaged. You can do this by showing your purchase receipt. Whenever you buy something tangible, like an asset, keep the receipt or a photo of the receipt and file it on your phone or computer.

Make a Police Report

In cases of theft, be sure to file a police report. This report helps to validate your renter’s insurance claim and makes it more likely your claim will be approved.

We Are Here To Help

Backing up your claim with these tips will help to ensure that you’ll be compensated for a fair amount in case of damage or loss. At Presley Insurance Group serving Dallas, TX, your renter’s insurance claim will be given top priority. Contact us to arrange for a new policy or for any questions related to the renter’s insurance.