What does the liability portion of your renters’ insurance cover?

Your renter’s insurance from Presley Insurance Group covers far more than just your personal property in your Dallas, TX home. Every renter’s insurance policy also includes liability coverage.

You might think that your landlord or apartment building already carries liability insurance, and it probably does, but it doesn’t cover your liability. The two policies work together to fully protect the property.

Your Landlord’s Liability Coverage

Your landlord’s home policy covers liability for the yard or courtyard and everything leading up to the entrance to the building. It also covers other public areas, such as a swimming pool or sauna shared with other tenants. It does not cover what happens inside your apartment or dwelling. If you have a private porch, balcony, or courtyard, it also does not cover what occurs there.

Your Liability Coverage

That’s where your renter’s insurance enters the picture. It contains your liability coverage. Your liability coverage ensures that if an accident occurs inside your apartment or dwelling, the insurance pays for the injured party’s medical costs. It also covers settlement costs up to the amount named in the renters’ policy.

That means if your friend slips in your shower, for example, and breaks their arm, your liability insurance covers the medical treatment cost. If your friend slips on ice coming up the stairs to enter your building though, that gets covered under your landlord’s policy.

Protect Your Financial Security

Contact Presley Insurance Group serving Dallas TX, today for more information on renters insurance. Let us help you protect your financial security. Avoid having to pay for someone’s medical bills or a court settlement by carrying the appropriate insurance.