Home Insurance and Roofs: What You Have to Know

At Presley Insurance Group, we can help you discover home insurance that protects your Dallas, TX, from various disasters. For example, your policy can financially protect against many roof-related issues concerning events that occur beyond your control.

How Insurance Helps You 

Home insurance covers a pretty broad range of issues, including your roof. It’s designed to help repair various problems that might occur if a myriad of unexpected issues suddenly impact your roof. Typically, it should kick in to help you pay for repairs and maintenance when necessary.

Things It Will (and Won’t) Cover 

Roofing insurance will cover a variety of problems to protect your home and keep it safe. These usually include natural things or factors outside your control, such as wind and hail, fire and smoke, snow and ice, falling objects hitting the roof, and vandalism and theft from outside sources. 

That said, your policy will typically not cover gradual wear and tear problems, rot or mold, normal aging issues, animal attacks, and earthquakes. Many of these things are caused by homeowner neglect, and a policy will never cover anything you neglect to manage properly. 

You can often find protection against things like earthquakes and other catastrophes by upgrading your policy. Don’t expect an insurance company to pay for general wear and tear problems and issues you should have caught during your roof maintenance.

It’s Time to Contact Presley Insurance Group

With the help of Presley Insurance Group, your Dallas, TX home’s roof can be protected against many types of common damage. As importantly, we can ensure that you understand common policies that help you stand out. Call us today to learn more about what to expect from us.