Understanding the Nature of Liability in a Car Crash

Millions of car crashes occur every year, many of which cause extensive damage to vehicles. If you’re in this situation and you aren’t sure who to blame, it is vital to understand the nature of liability and how it affects your policy. We at Presley Insurance Group can help Dallas, TX residents understand more.

Liability is Decided by Who Caused the Accident

Blame is typically placed on the person who contributed most to a car accident. Sometimes, this information is much more apparent than it is in other cases. For example, if a person racing at 150 miles per hour hits a parked car, they are liable for the accident.

However, some states have what is known as a shared liability defense. This concept states that both people involved caused the accident and rates them according to the percentage of the accident that they triggered. As a result, your insurance may be affected in many ways.

How Your Insurance May Change

Expect your insurance company to cover any liability problems caused by your crash up to your term limit. Once that is paid, you will have to pay out of pocket for any other expenses. You can also expect your premiums to increase significantly and may even find yourself on a "high risk" policy.

These policies are typically designed for people who are considered problematic or likely to cause situations like car crashes. Getting one of these policies is often frustrating and may affect things like your credit score.

Don’t Get Caught in a Hard Situation

If you were in a car crash and fear that you might have been liable, contact us at Presley Insurance Group to learn more about how you might be affected. We will help Dallas, TX residents and those in the surrounding area better understand this situation.