Three things that might surprise you about condo insurance

Condo owners need to be well informed about what condo insurance is and how it works. Condo owners in Dallas, TX can rely on us at Presley Insurance Group to meet their coverage needs.

The following are three things that might surprise you about condo insurance:

The master policy of your condo facility won’t cover you for accidents that take place in your individual unit. 

While the master policy of a condo association does offer coverage to the building itself and any common areas, this policy won’t cover issues within your unit. This means that the master policy won’t provide liability coverage for you if an accident happens within your unit.

Condo insurance won’t include flood or earthquake damage.

If you want to have flood and earthquake damage coverage for your condo, you will have to purchase separate policies for these types of coverage or purchase added coverage for earthquakes and floods on your condo insurance policy.

You cannot expect a standard condo insurance policy to cover you for flood and earthquake damage.  

Your individual condo insurance policy can cover the value of personal possessions within your unit. 

One of the best things about having condo insurance is that the value of your possessions will be protected.

If an accident happens in your condo building and your belongings are damaged or destroyed, you will be compensated for their value up to a certain amount by your condo insurance policy. 

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